Guide to the CAIS Wireless LAN Services

Bring Your Computer to Our Campus

The wireless access points restrict some of the network access to the campus network and the internet due to security reasons. Please follow the link for details (off-campus access restricted).

The CAIS provides a secure environment, called Clean Area, in which you can install security fixes to your computers. If you connect the wireless network for the first time or after a long interval, you should update your computer in the clean area and check if your computer is not infected with computer viruses.

Before You Start

Where Can I Use Wireless?

wireless area

Staff and students are able to use wireless at the following buildings:

Faculty of Law, Economics, and Graduate School of Modern Society and Culture
A1FRoom 160, Room 340, Room A301(Corridor)
C1FRoom C159(Corridor)
F5FRoom F563(Graduate Students' Room)
Faculty of Education and Human Sciences
B3FRoom 302
Faculty of Science
3FStudent Library, Refresh Room
4FRoom Geology 1st
5FRefresh Room, Conference Room
B3FRoom B337(Common Lecture Room)
C1FRoom C102
2FRoom Biology 2nd
Faculty of Engineering
A2FMain Conference Room
B1FMedia Corner, Room 101, 103, 107
2FLounge, Room 202, 204, 209, 211
D2FRoom 201, 203, 206, 212
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Humanities and General Education Research Building
A3FPC Room(Graduate School of MSC)
D2FConversation Room
Faculty of Dentistry
B3FPractical Room Tissue Pathology
C2FAcademic Affairs Section
4FOral Biomaterials and Technology 1st Lab
5F3rd Lecture Room, Oral Physiology Library
6FFaculty Library
Faculty of Medicine School of Health Sciences
C3FPC Room
E3FRoom 309(Graduate Students' Room)
University Library at Ikarashi Campus
-2FReading Room
-3FReading Room
Medical and Dental Library at Asahimachi Campus
-2FReading Room
-3FReading Room
Center for Academic Information Service
A1FWireless Access Room
B 3FNetwork/Security Practical Room, Conference Room
CO-OP1FCanteen 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Contact Our Office

If you have any questions about information displayed, please tell our office via phone ( ext. 6230 ), fax ( ext. 6232 ), e-mail at question@cais.

Technical Support Office
Niigata University
Center for Academic Information Service

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