1. Online applications are NOT available. Please fill out the application forms and send them to our office via fax ( ext. 6232 ) or internal post.
  2. A PDF viewer application such as Adobe reader is required to read / print the following application forms. Please click on "Get the Adobe Reader" icon, if you would like to download Adobe Reader.

  3. If you have any questions about the application process or the form below, please tell us via phone ( ext. 6230 ) or e-mail at question@cais.

Application Forms

NIIGATA-U Account Application Form

Download the NIIGATA-U Account Application Form.

The NIIGATA-U account is always required to use the CAIS computers on our campus, the VPN service for off-campus connections, and the wireless LAN service.

DNS Entry Form

Download the DNS Entry Form in PDF format.
Download the DNS Entry Form in text format.

Only the faculty IP address managers or their agents can apply the DNS entry form to our office. If you want to publish your server's record to university DNS servers, please ask them first.

Public Servers Notification Form

The University firewall blocks unauthorized access to our campus network. If you would like to publish a server to the internet, please notify us your server's information using the form below. When you publish your server, you will be responsible for managing the server, especially for security issues.

Download the Public Servers Notification Form.

Download VPN Software

Please jump to the guide How to Use VPN. You can download the software in that page (see table in the middle of the page).

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